Lecture 3 – How to Use Metatrader 4 for Forex Trading ?


When we are talking about trading then question arises which platform are used to trade in forex? Which trading platform is best? Forex ustaad will lead you in this lecture from very beginner level to professional level use of one of the best trading platform Metatrader. At the end you will have everything that you should know about the Metatrader. But remember when you are going to choose a broker check that which trading platform he is offering you. Is that trading platform has these qualities
1- Enter trade quickly
2- Ask for confirmation before entry
3- Trade in all pairs(major and cross)
4- Give an interface to view detail account summary
5- Give an interface to view detail statement
6- Minimum transaction cost
Also in this lecture forex ustaad define the terms pip and micro pip.
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