There is basically two ways to make money on 99designs.

The first way is to participate in the competitions organized by clients and to win some of them. Competitions are related only to design, it’s not like on the Upwork where you have a variety of categories. If you’re newbie, you have a sort of contest participation limitation. Also, there is a three designer levels based on experience, quality of works, customer satisfaction and time spent on the platform.

The levels are organized in this way:

  • Entry level – new designers on 99designs, those who get contests limitation
  • Mid level – they have a good grasp on design principles and a professional attitude. With a little more practice, they’ll make it to the next level
  • Top level – these designers are the pinnacle of the 99desings community and they’ve worked hard to get here. Their designs are of the highest quality, clients adore them and they’re dedicated to staying at the top of their game

The second way of making money on 99designs is private project. There is a option on this platform called 1-to-1 project. It works by either you find a client or the client finds you based on your portfolio. Then you can work separate from the contests like any other freelancer out there, but you have a secured payment and you don’t have to worry about it. Of course, for that you need to pay fee to 99designs. It’s logical, these platform provides you safety and simplicity during the work and that’s must be paid like anywhere else.


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